Essential Palace Organic Whipped 24K Gold & Peppermint Body Butter

Essential Palace Organic Whipped 24K Gold & Peppermint Body Butter

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Natural body butters are a key alternative to conventional moisturizers that often contain harsh chemicals and even other ingredients of questionable quality or necessity.

Essential Palace Organic Whipped Body Butters create combinations of the most effective and healthiest natural moisturizers, particularly in two key areas:  those proven to maintain high levels of long-lasting moisturization and known to be balms of healing for the skin.  These include African Shea butter, Coconut oil, and Cocoa Seed butter.

This butter is infused with the most luxurious extracts -- 24K gold, frankincense, and myrrh -- each of which has powerful health benefits.  Together with the whipped nature of the butter, they provide a playground for the senses:

- a softened texture

- a welcoming glow

- a romantic aroma

All that and moisture and hydration your skin will welcome.

Fun tip: warm up a bit of the butter in your hands and apply to recently-shaved skin for ultimate soothing and restoration. 

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