Mahyouba Perfume

Mahyouba Perfume

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Mahyouba, oriental exotic concentrated feminine perfume. The top note opens with fresh lavender and citric scent followed by a light flowery, fruity and woody middle note. Sexy. Surpasses in quality and costs substantially less compared to many designer perfumes.

Our fragrance was made for the body, not the air.

World famous Rasasi concentrated perfume oil “Attar” is alcohol free, safe to use. Comes in a transparent beautiful decorated glass bottle. Anointing rod is attached to the cap for ease of use.

Rasasi has been creating some of the best and most exclusive fragrances, which have established a worldwide reputation for quality, luxury and elegance. Rasasi’s Oriental and Occidental perfume lines have found wide acceptance and preference within a wide customer base across the world. The secret to the success of Rasasi is “Quality product at excellent value.”

Elegance, quality, competitiveness and innovation are synonymous with Rasasi, while creating the finest perfumes that epitomize quality and sophistication, and moreover a fine mastery over the art of blending fragrances.

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