5 Best Parent’s Day Gifts Ideas for your Healthy Parents

There’s no better way to celebrate our parents than giving them their own national day! Mothers and Fathers work hard, day by day, always on the go, providing and supporting for their families. Parent’s day is a time when we can all stop and celebrate those who have brought us into the world. There are so many gifts to choose from but why not give a gift that will encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle? A gift will not only show that you love them, but the right gift can improve their quality of life for years to come.

Below are some affordable gift ideas for parents, that will help them to lead happier and healthier lives.

Vitamin Subscription

As our parents get older, their dietary and nutrient requirements begin to shift. The body is more prone to deficiencies and parents can become more susceptible to degenerative bone diseases like arthritis, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer. Ensuring your parents are getting the right amount of nutrients in their diet will contribute to sound health and the prevention of age-related illnesses.

When you subscribe to Noor Vitamins Subscription box, your parents will receive an automatic monthly renewal of vitamins along with a discount on each bottle! This takes the stress out of remembering to re-order, it saves you money and keeps your parents in tip-top health. Below are a few vitamins to consider.

Omega 3 supplements are great for brain health and inflammation. Studies have shown that supplementation with Omega 3 can help ward off age-related mental decline and disease like Alzheimer’s. Other benefits include lowering the risk of heart disease, fighting inflammation, improving eye health as well as strengthening the bones and joints.

Energy + is another great option for parents as it is jammed packed with B vitamins that support cellular energy, the nervous system, and metabolism. It is caffeine-free and will keep busy parents going with sustained energy throughout the day.

Multivitamins are absolutely necessary as it is a fast and effective way to fill the void of any nutrients that weren’t consumed through food that day. Noor Multi’s are also available in gummy form for adults!

Joint + is a well-rounded formula for the maintenance of bone health and the prevention of diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis. As we age, women especially are more prone to osteoporosis so taking a supplement that contains bone-building nutrients is important.

Athletic Gear

Trendy tracksuits, sweatsuits, windbreakers, hoodies, shorts, gym shirts, and running shoes are all great gift ideas to help get parents in the “zone” and feel good while working out and staying active. Sometimes having the right outfit will push you to go for that walk after dinner, to the gym before work, or start your own workout routine with an online trainer.


Electronic Devices

Devices like Apple Watch and Fitbits are easy and trendy ways to keep your parent’s health-conscious. With options to sense your heart rate, it’s great for those who may have cardiovascular ailments or who want to monitor their heart health. These watches can also track the number of steps per day, by setting a specific amount to achieve. This gets parents more active as they become motivated to reach their “daily steps” goal. You can also monitor caloric intake, sleep patterns, menstrual cycles, and even set a water reminder so you are drinking enough water throughout the day!

Couples Training

Purchasing a couple’s package for personal training sessions at a gym or even at home is a great way to get your parents more active. Trainers are excellent at evaluating what you need in terms of the right exercises to help you reach your health goals. Receiving a customized plan and work out regimen while having your partner by your side and professional to guide you through it? What more can your parents ask for.

Healthy Snack Basket

A basket full of food! Healthy food that is. A great parent’s day gift is to offer healthy on-the-go alternatives to convenient fast food and sweet treats. Get a nice basket from your local craft or dollar store, then head on over to your nearest organic grocers and start loading up. Healthy snack alternatives include coconut chips, energy balls, protein bars, nuts and seeds mix, dried fruit, dark chocolate, organic chips, seaweed, and granola bars. The options are endless and your parents will now have many healthy snacks to choose from so that they can begin to incorporate the ones they like in their busy day!


All in all, Parents Day is a very special day, as they do so much for their families and society as a whole. Getting a meaningful gift that promotes health conscious living is the best way to ensure your parents are in optimal health and being encouraged to live a balanced, quality life.

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